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Drehmal: APOTHEOSIS Update 2.2 Changelog

It's finally here! After nearly 4 years, the second major update for Drehmal v2 is here. 2.2 puts the previous two versions to shame with nearly triple the content and double the quality. Myself and the whole team are incredibly proud of what we've put together and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did making it.

If you have already played Drehmal - 2.2 is a big enough update that'll make it feel like a whole new experience. And, as always, this changelog contains SPOILERS. Not major ones, we'll let you discover those yourself, but it contains details about new content and specifics about new systems/reworked content. If you're sensitive to spoilers of any kind, I would skip this changelog and get straight to playing!

Without further ado...



The main story has been completely remade from the ground up, with many new locations and overhauls to existing ones. The lore and narrative will unravel itself in new ways, there will be new surprises and reveals, and it will all come to a conclusive, definitive ending...



There are fifteen new Legendaries to find out in the world, all in completely new locations or entirely revamped ones. Most of them are armor, but there's a few unique ones in the mix...



Every Legendary, both new and old, now has a passive ability to diversify playstyles and further build into the fantasy of each piece of equipment.



There are two new tiers of equipment: Artifacts and Artisans. Artifacts can be found out in the world and are one of a kind. Artisans can be bought from special traders inside of villages for scales (emeralds) and relevant materials. In total, there are over 300 Artifact and Artisan items to discover and use. Exploring the world will now feel much more rewarding as you find Artifacts and gather emeralds (now called Scales) to buy Artisans!



Various deities and Aspects can now be brought offerings in exchange for rewards. Each deity has a specific list of items they like as offerings, with some being more valuable than others. In addition to standard rewards, you can also be given a new tier of item, Relics, which are powerful pieces of equipment specifically designed for the offhand.



Runic Catalysts can now be found all around the world, a new collectable used for a few things: purchasing high-tier Artisan equipment, and buying Runic Vessels (AKA Shulker Boxes). While a cluttered inventory is an ever-present Minecraft problem, this system should ease some suffering.



Each major town now has an Adventuring Merchant, a special trader where you can buy Runic Vessels, Bundles, and regional maps! These maps do not show your player position, but offer a fairly detailed overview of the regions topography, and some icons to show points of interest.



Eleven new settlements can be found throughout the world. These areas are not quite full-fledged towns, as they lack unique music and an Adventuring Merchant, but do still have unique loot and Artisan traders.



Remember those lame stone ruins found all around the world that looked the same no matter where you found them? That is now a thing of the past, with all 39 of them being rebuilt and handcrafted to match the region's history. Each ruin has a story to tell!



The northeastern portion of the map, which includes Highfall Tundra, the Frozen Bite, and Faehrcyle, have been completely remade. These once featureless areas are now packed with detail and variety in their terrain, making these zones much less tedious to explore.



We now have a fully custom soundtrack! We no longer use music from other games and now have a wonderful composer, Chris Nesja (with some help from Penngo!), who has made 57 unique music tracks for the game. Not only does this cover area and boss music, but it fully replaces the original Minecraft soundtrack.



That sounds like a lot, right? Well, there's still a lot that we're neglecting to tell you. Drehmal's about exploration and discovery, so get out there and discover. There'll still be plenty of things you never would expect...

If you'd like a more in-depth, technical changelog, you can find that here. Yes, it's a Beta changelog, but the difference between Beta and release is negligible.

Thank you for reading and enjoy Drehmal: APOTHOESIS!

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