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2.2: Apotheosis Beta Update Changelog

Hey guys! Yea, uh, it's here. Kinda crazy. And yes, while this is a Beta, it includes ALL CONTENT. Everything! There will be some bugs and balancing issues but the update is complete and fully playable. This changelog does not include everything, of course. We still want some surprises ;)

New Content

  • Completely overhauled the main quest

  • Added a new Mythical, Zenith

  • Added thirteen new Legendaries

  • Gave every single Legendary an ability

  • Added Devotion, where you can gift offerings to deities to gain rewards -

  • Added Relic items, a new tier of offhand items obtained from Devotion

  • Added Runic Catalysts which can be traded at new Adventuring Merchants for Runic Vessels (Shulker Boxes) -

  • Added an Adventuring Merchant to every town which sells a map of the surrounding region, a continental map with towns, and a thematic item

  • Nearly doubled the amount of structures in the world, either containing Runic Catalysts, Artifacts, or something new

  • Added over 150 Artifact items, which vary in power but are generally weaker than Legendaries -

  • Added over 100 Artisan items, which are sold by Runic Blacksmiths in all towns and most settlements

  • Added 11 settlements, which are smaller towns that lack special traders and music

  • Completely rebuilt all 39 ruined cities and towns to be unique from one another

  • Added several new ruins ranging from small settlements to vast ruined cities

  • Added city of Rhaveloth

  • Added the winners of Ruins & Remnants, which were Xorhuul by Black Sabbath, Castle Tharxax/Loraga Keep by Pogo, and the Lorahn’Kahl Ruins by Burnt General

  • Added over 100 new lore books

  • A lot more we’re not telling you about

Changes, Reworks, and Quality of Life

  • Replaced all music with custom tracks by the wonderful Chris Nesja

  • Added a settings menu accessible at any time with /trigger Settings

  • Added Assist, NoFail, and NoHit modes

  • Reverted most Villager trades to 2.0 values

  • Removed the Class system. The stat diversity offered by Artifacts, Artisans, and Relics offer a much broader and deeper system.

  • Added hundreds of streams and rivers across the world

  • Completely revamped a handful of biomes, such as the Frozen Bite and Highfall Tundra

  • Touched up the terrain in several other biomes

  • Expanded Okeke

  • Expanded City of Firteid, with contest builds from Zgu, MoutonDemocrate, DaWolf, and Goblin

  • Expanded City of Highfall with contest builds from Maelhrizz

  • Rebuilt the Kiln of Virtuo

  • Rebuilt the Burnt Palace

  • Rebuilt Av’Sal

  • Moved the start of the Oblivion quest

  • The Magical Ward Controller in the Moonlight Sanctum is now much more noticeable.

  • Elder Guardians in the Moonlight Sanctum are now much easier to hit

  • All Nether items should now be obtainable without having to go to the Nether. As such, the Nether is now off-limits.

  • A LOT of optimization to offset how much larger the datapack is - 2.2 should run better than 2.1

  • Lowered file size by cutting out empty/unused region files

  • Restructured advancement tabs

  • Increased Priscilla count by over 75%

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