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2.2: Apotheosis Beta 1.1.0 Changelog

MASSIVE SPOILERS BELOW! This changelog contains lines and comments about late/endgame 2.2 content. Read only if you have beaten the Beta already or do not care about spoilers whatsoever!

Tweaks and Additions

  • Made various changes to post-75% progression and other story locations

  • All Lo’Dahr facility holotexts are now unlocked upon completing the Aphelion

  • Removed Numencore entrance facility terminal

  • Added a compass pointing you to the Numencore entrance facility in the Aphelion

  • Made a vent access door in the Aphelion more obvious

  • Made the lever in the Admin Wing more obvious 

  • Made visual changes to the Numencore entrance puzzle to remove some confusion

  • Made the Numencore puzzle more consistent by increasing the window

  • Made the Security Checkpoint puzzles in Av’Sal and the Numencore entrance more obvious where you have to stand

  • Added a Lo’Dahr facility map to the Numencore entrance

  • Added a new holotext to the Numencore entrance

  • Added alternate ways to get through the Sal’Mevir dunes

  • Reduced the amount of Guardians in the timed electric water section of the Exodus Vault

  • Changed the doors for the Resupply Depot to be more obvious you can dig through them

  • Devotion items and hints have been reworked

  • Hints are now lore text on a static book item instead of inside lore books

  • Reduced the amount of possible offerings from ~20 to 8 for every deity/Aspect

  • The goal behind these changes was to shift the focus off of player intuition and into engaging with hints/the world around players. We would appreciate your feedback on this overhaul!

  • The Vehrniis now only spawns once beaten in Challenger’s Grotto, and is always passive

  • This change was done to make it less confusing why you can’t damage her while in Dahr’s Ocean. We want to revert this change once we update to 1.20 alongside other additions and reworks.

  • Made various changes to the Aspect Trials

  • Added proximity messages for getting near an Aspect Trial

  • Made some of the differences in the Starrise Orrery more obvious

  • Made the trees in the Temple of Life stand out more

  • Changed the wording on the sign in the Brightwyrm's Caldarium

  • Added ambient tracks to Av’Sal and the Exodus Citadel

  • Thank Penngo for his new contributions to the soundtrack!

  • Dramatically reduced Lo’Dahr daytime spawnrates/spawncap

  • Slightly increased Lo’Dahr nighttime spawnrates/spawncap

  • Made the parkour before the Emissary fight much easier

  • Removed the spike ring from the Emissary’s upgraded stomp attack

  • Removed Noodlemeister Klint’s bowl trade

  • Nerfed the Naharja Meat merchant

  • Added descriptions to Bundles describing how to use them

  • Retextured the Runic Catalyst and Runic Amplifier

  • Retextured the Freorig

  • The Resonant Compass now has a texture

  • Added two (2) more cats

  • Added a new structure to the Frozen Bite, with two new lore books

  • AvPod songs are no longer shuffled

  • Touched up Calamity’s ability SFX and VFX

  • Added a new merchant in Ytaj that clues overworld devotion locations 

  • Updated one of the trial murals in Ytaj to be less misleading

  • Remembered the battle tower 

  • Added a visual tether between Shackled Sentinels and their anchors

  • Fervor Stones are now stackable

  • Powdered Snow is now a little more noticeable

  • Beaming any part of the Yavhlix door will open it

  • Added particles onto the Yavhlix seal during the Mythbreaker Run, making it clear you have to beam it

  • Made Lo’Dahr music a bit less frequent

  • Added Protection 3 books to the Maddened Path

  • Added Legendary acquisition fanfare


  • Added a scoreboard backup system for scoreboard-wipe related crashes

  • Fixed a massive source of scoreboard.dat file bloat

  • Fixed an immunity frames issue that caused players to be hurt much more frequently than intended

  • Fixed all errors in the Codex Celestus

  • Fixed the Heartaxe not activating on Nether wood types

  • Made One Thousand Scars ability activation more consistent and changed its particles

  • Custom damage no longer affects creative, spectator, or dead players

  • Fixed a bunch of broken Runic Catalysts

  • The Vehrniis should be much more stable in general. Fixed one glaring issue and changed how values were handled to prevent other, more esoteric issues

  • Beds now explode in the Lo’Dahr wastes to avoid softlocks

  • All custom particles have been changed from fonts to snowballs and are now center-aligned, making them significantly more consistent

  • Syzygy’s ability, Draconitic Rebuke, no longer charges if the crossbow isn’t loaded, and should lose charge less quickly when you adjust your aim. 

  • Mythic abilities no longer damage the entity you ride (for the most part)

  • Fixed a lag issue that affected many areas in the map

  • The Mythbreaker Run should no longer bring the game to a crawl

  • Dying to Ultva & Hovad no longer breaks the map

  • Killing Tethlaen with an ability no longer breaks the map

  • The Emissary no longer drags people into the arena from out of the fight

  • Made the portal in the Nimahj Swamp more consistent with other portals

  • The door to the Soletta will no longer destroy placed blocks

  • Fixed the South Tharxax tower slow falling effect not being centered

  • Fixed a few spelling errors across holotext, advancements, items, and lore books

  • Fixed the tablets in Palaesida’s dome in Ytaj being out of order

  • Fixed 100% completion messages playing every time you entered the Terminus

  • Conservator Ulavahn no longer despawns

  • Cleaned up some advancement trigger boxes

  • Fixed meteorites breaking all your armor

  • Fixed some traders not being invulnerable

  • Removed the players team - triggers now use the ‘isDev’ scoreboard variable (this only matters to people who need to fix things or check the guts of the map)

  • Fixed various adventure mode softlocks

  • Chorus Fruit is no longer obtainable

  • Fixed Thrumvokrs spawning Vex, they should now spawn lightning

  • All advancements have been made to work correctly

  • Fixed many other, less important bugs

Buffs and Nerfs



0.035 Move Speed → 0.03 Move Speed

13 Atk Dmg → 10 Atk Dmg

Now need to land crits when at +9 Fatal Rampage stacks to one-shot standard enemies, also just a general damage/speed reduction


11 Atk Dmg → 14 Atk Dmg

Oblivion damage is severely underperforming, but doesn’t need much more because of its very strong neutral


Emperor Anyr’s Scepter

9 Atk Dmg → 11 Atk Dmg

Neutral buff to an underperforming weapon – might need ability buffs down the line

Hovadchear’s Greathammer

-0.04 Move Speed → -0.03 Move Speed

Reworked ability, now lasts for one minute and gives a +15% damage boost against affected mobs

Neutral buff to an underperforming weapon – this plus its ability buff should make it nicer to use



14 Atk Dmg → 13 Atk Dmg

Unbreaking 4 → Unbreaking 1

Small nerf, still extremely powerful but requires investment with lower durability



0.4 Atk Speed → 0.6 Atk Speed

Remade the ability from the ground up, should now be much more consistent

Ultva’s Bowblade

Ability duration increased by 2 seconds

Was too strict of a timer



-75% HP → -60% HP

-75% Move Speed → -60% Move Speed

Niche but effective weapon, but bows are somewhat underpowered in the lategame


16 Ranged Dmg → 21 Ranged Dmg

Was underpowered by the time you got it



-40% HP → -30% HP

Minor buff to make it easier to use



-14 HP → -10 HP

Ability now matches its description (slows mobs at full health)

Extremely strong with the right build, minor buff to make said build easier to work with



[Daytime/Nighttime] +4 Armor → +6 Armor

[Daytime/Nighttime] Added +2 Armor Toughness

[Nighttime] 0.01 Move Speed → 0.015 Move Speed

[Nighttime] +15% Atk Dmg → +20% Atk Dmg

Penumbra is outperformed by basic Artisan armor and needs to be more equal to its contemporaries, as well as provide stronger benefits



Remove Move Speed

Jump Boost 2 → Jump Boost 3

Magestep is mostly just a ‘feels good’ Legendary, and this change encourages you to build with movement speed while buffing its effectiveness


Sprout of Anguish

+2/4/6/8 HP → +2/4/6/10 HP

Small buff to an underperforming relic



 +5/10/15/20% Move Speed → +5/10/20/30% Move Speed

Currently underperforms versus Purifying Light, even with the right builds



+1/2/3/4 Armor → +2/3/4/5 Armor

Added +0/0/1/2 Armor Toughness

Currently extremely niche given the diminishing returns of armor


Writ of Authority

+5/10/15/20% Atk Speed → +8/16/24/32% Atk Speed

General buff, can’t do too much because attack speed can very quickly become overpowered



-10/20/30/40% HP → -5/10/20/30% HP

Offset the downsides to better compete with Ardorbrand



Complete rework

-5/15/25/35% Atk Dmg

+15/30/45/60% Atk Speed

The changes to Orogeny means that Cryostatic now needs a new niche

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