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Over 25 Unique, Highly-Detailed Custom Biomes

22 Custom Weapons/Armor With Special Traits

Lightweight ‘Class’ System

Fully-Functional Fast Travel System

13 Villages With Custom Traders

Over 400 Unique Structures With Custom Loot Tables

Hand-Designed Cave Systems

Procedurally Generated Caves

Tons of Puzzles & Secrets

Full Vanilla Multiplayer Compatibility



Drehmal v2: PRIMΩRDIAL is best played on small-scale multiplayer servers. Multiple goals across the map are designed with community in mind, such as unlocking all fast travel points, progressing the main story, and discovering all the weapons. However, the map is still perfectly playable in singleplayer. Some tasks may just be more tedious/difficult.

If you plan on using this map on a Bukkit/Spigot multiplayer server, do not install the 'Essentials' plugin. Drehmal v2 is heavily reliant on command blocks, and Essentials will cause them to not work. Plugins that alter any pre-existing vanilla commands or affect scoreboards will probably cause command block logic to break.

Make sure command blocks are enabled for your server.

Disable spawn protection for your server.


Do not set the map to peaceful mode for any reason. Drehmal features a number of hand-placed enemies, and if they're in loaded chunks and the world is set to peaceful, they'll be gone forever. This can lead to one Mythic-tier weapon being unobtainable without using a command to force the advancement.

Never perform any commands with the @e selector unless you know what you're doing. Manipulating all entities will affect those in forceloaded chunks, which can seriously break some featurs of the map.

This map's terrain was created using the software WorldPainter, and due to its nature, animal spawns are rare. Most every animal you see across the map has been hand placed. If you stay in a chunk for long enough, animals will start to spawn very rarely. Be aware that they are a relatively finite resource, so animal breeding is encouraged.

Accessing The End is not like vanilla Minecraft. Eyes of Ender will lead you nowhere, as there are no natural strongholds on the map. The End can be accessed by progressing through the Main Story.

When someone discovers a unique weapon, the crafting recipe for that weapon is unlocked for everyone else. Weapon crafting recipes can be viewed via the Recipe Book, and unlocks tracked under the 'WEAPONS OF LEGEND' advancement tab.

Phantoms are disabled and do not naturally spawn. You can, however, find phantom spawners in a specific biome on the map. Phantom Membranes can also be acquired easily at a certain point through progression.

If you journey out far enough into the ocean, you will eventually reach normal Minecraft terrain.

While we've tried our best to keep the map bug-free as possible, there are a lot of command blocks, and we're only two people. If you find a bug, please let us know on our Discord!

If you have any questions, please join our public Discord!

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